Making your house senior pet friendly 

We know as our pets get older, they are not as nimble as they once were. We often don’t think how their environment can affect their quality of life. There are a few simple changes we can make at home that allow them to move about with more ease and comfort, and less risk of injury. 

Often the best thing that we can do is provide a non-slip surface for them to walk on. Even if your entire house is floorboards or tiles you can provide a runway with non-slip mats from their bed to the food and water bowl area and towards the back door so they can go out to toilet. Some options include:

 – Non-slip matting available in rolls from Bunnings

 – camping annex matting from Kmart or Aldi

 – connecting gym mats from Kmart or Big W

 – old yoga mats 

Another way to prevent slipping is to keep nails and fur in between toes trimmed short or use stick-on paw grip pads.   





Ramps or stairs are another great way to help our pets get safely onto and off furniture and into/out of the car.   





Appropriate bedding is also an important factor to consider. Provide soft, yet supportive bedding that is easy to rise from. Orthopaedic foam beds are an excellent option to protect sore old bones. Avoid too many loose blankets that can be a trip hazard.  PEMF therapy mats or Assisi loops may also be an option for your pet to help keep them comfortable.