Founding Director Dr Rebecca Bugg was introduced to Holistic Medicine as a child her exposure led her to study Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture through IVAS in 2005.

She has two senior Labradors Poppy and Barney who are adored by herself, her partner and her son. It’s no surprise that Dr Rebecca Bugg is passionate about assisting senior pets to live their best lives.

One of the first clients to trial Dr Rebecca Bugg’s skills as a Veterinary acupuncturist on her beloved Poodle Lucy was her dear friend Ruth, who has a consultation room named after her at Well Beings. Ruth was a woman ahead of her time who saw the pressing need to help our caring professions deal with their everyday stressors.

There wasn’t a term for it back then but since COVID it has been recognised as “compassion fatigue”. Ruth taught Rebecca that as practitioners but also as owners of pets with chronic ailments we take on a huge mental load in caring for these animals.

If we don’t take care of ourselves then we are not in the best position to help them. Dr Rebecca Bugg is passionate about this unique aspect of veterinary practice and why it is an important part of her holistic wellness consultation to discuss how pet owners are caring for themselves as well as their pets.