Hydrotherapy uses the main properties of water, namely buoyancy, viscosity, hydrostatic pressure and resistance to support dogs with a range of medical conditions. Hydrotherapy incorporates controlled low impact weight-bearing exercise in a heated underwater treadmill. The pool has glass walls so we can observe your pet from different angles. Your dog’s head is above water at all times, with the water generally filled up to a level that covers the dog’s legs, the water will help to support the dog’s weight, meaning they can exercise in a low-impact environment, which has a wide range of benefits including increasing fitness, mobilising joints and building up muscle strength.

Hydrotherapy is a safe and controlled form of exercise and rehabilitation. Your pet will require an initial consultation, involving a detailed assessment of your dog. We will discuss your pet’s medical condition, home environment, diet, exercise, medications and previous surgical history to ascertain suitability for hydrotherapy.

By exercising underwater, the weight of your pet is supported, reducing the risk of aggravating painful joints or limbs. The water creates gentle resistance to help strengthen muscles with minimal discomfort. Your dog will have a harness fitted prior to entering the pool, and our certified hydrotherapist will be with your dog during their session. Each session will be tailored to your pet’s needs by adjusting the speed, water level and intensity of the exercise. This allows us to treat dogs of all ages, sizes and fitness levels. The temperature of the water is regulated and kept at a constant warmth which helps to decrease pain and increase mobility.

Hydrotherapy can reduce recovery time for post-surgical patients or can slow down the progression of degenerative conditions. It is also beneficial in helping restore normal gait in spinal or neurological patients.
Hydrotherapy can help reduce swelling, and stiffness and improve range of motion, circulation, cardiovascular fitness and enhanced endurance.
Following your pet’s session, our hydrotherapist will towel dry your dog.
Upon completion of your pet session, we will give you our recommendations moving forward. Benefits can be gained in as little as 1-2 sessions per week.

Hydrotherapy may be beneficial for:

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia Spinal injuries
  • Cruciate ligament injuries Arthritis
  • Muscle wastage Dislocations
  • Rehabilitation after surgery (especially for conditions involving bones, ligaments or nerves)
  • Conditioning prior to surgery (to improve muscle tone and blood flow to the injured site)
  • Weight management
  • Improving heart and lung function
  • Improving mobility in senior dogs
  • Increasing or maintaining fitness